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Verm Care

Herbal Worming

Verm Care is the natural solution for intestinal hygiene

Effective natural worm control

safe and effective

Creates Hostile environment for parasites

Does not adversely affect the natural gut flora

Can be used on Organic farms

Long term results


Description & Benefits

One wormer for all year round? Too good to be true we hear you say, however  Verm Care really is effective at combating internal parasites. Made with gentian root, clove, cayenne, thyme, natural salts and a selection of homeopathic remedies, the powerful, yet natural, de-wormer expels worms, repels parasites and gently prevents further infestations. A course of  Verm Care should be administered for three consecutive days every three months and unlike some other products, it does not adversely affect the natural gut flora and is safe to use on organic farms. One pack of  Verm Care will supply two horses for one year.



Gentian root

Ginger root.



Thyme plus natural salts

HOMEOPATHIC CONTENT: filix-mas 12x. 

cina 12x.

ferrum-met 12x.

Sulphur 30

Abrotainium 12x

Teucrium-mar 12x

Use & Dosage

Add one 25 ml scoop for three days to your horses feed every three months .Preferably when it's a full moon. 

Quality & Gurantee

Forest Farmacy use absolutely no toxic ingredients or chemicals in any of their products. All their natural ingredients are farmed completely organically and hand picked from around the world – to ensure the safest and highest quality products are created.

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