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Clean Limbs

Does Your Horse have Windgalls, Splints or tired legs?

Clean Limbs helps to cool, soothe and tighten hot tired legs.

Easy to use Spray

Reduces swellings

Helps tighten Puffy limbs

Use if your horse has knocked or injured himself

Helps to cool and soothe tired legs

Use after long journeys

Description & Benefits

Clean Limbs is a topical application which helps your horse through temporary muscle soreness, stiffness caused by exposure, overwork or exertion.

Clean limbs help to reduce swelling as well as tighten legs, assist in the care of splints and wind galls, plus in the event of a knock or injury the gentle ingredients help to enhance healing by improving circulation and relieving pain.

Clean Limbs also helps soothe tired and sore muscles, and is perfect for horses that are working on hard ground, as well as those having to travel for long periods of time.

Available in a convenient spray bottle making it easy to apply. Gentle enough to use on broken skin. Perfect to use if your horse has knocked or injured himself. The natural ingredients will not burn the skin


Organic Greek sage aromatic water, Organic Rose geranium aromatic water, Organic Rosemary aromatic water, Organic Witch Hazel aromatic water, Organic Lavender aromatic water, Organic Basil aromatic water

Use & Dosage

Use with or without bandages for pre and post-exercise. For splints spray and bandage and leave overnight. Use as required.

Quality & Gurantee

Forest Farmacy use absolutely no toxic ingredients or chemicals in any of their products. All their natural ingredients are farmed completely organically and hand picked from around the world – to ensure the safest and highest quality products are created.

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