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Helps Stressed And Spooky Horses

CalmX is a magnesium-free herbal calming solution


Settles stress and fear

Promotes relaxation

Reduces tension and excitability

Perfect for for spooky unpredictable horses

Support immune system

Strengthens the nervous system for a happier relaxed horse

Description & Benefits

Is your horse excitable, fearful, anxious or aggressive? 

Calm X helps your horse concentrate, relieve show jitters and generally keep him calm during any stressful situation. 

It is a natural formulation of calming herbs and antioxidants to help achieve a relaxed frame of mind while supporting the body’s immune system during times of stress. .

Calm X is ideal for using on a daily basis and can encourage a softer, more flexible horse, more effective schooling and faster performance improvements. The magnesium free ingredients work together to strengthen the nervous system  and promote calmness on a daily basis  as well as dealing with instant worries. 

You can also increase the dosage leading up to, and during, stressful situations.

 ✔Just 1 scoop per day

 ✔Simple and easy to use

 ✔The results speak for themselves

 ✔Settles stress and fear

✔Promotes relaxation

✔ Support immune system

✔Adaptogenic herbal ingredients

✔ Designed for tense nervous horses

✔ Reduces tension and excitability

✔ Improve focus and concentration

✔ Very palatable

✔ It WORKS and is INEXPENSIVE compared to other methods

✔ Strengthens the nervous system for a happier relaxed horse


Camomile,Flax seed, Brewers yeast, Thepax pre and probiotics gut enzymes, Seaweed, Wild sage, Alfalfa

Black cohosh, Neydharting salts, Ashwagnda

Homopathic Phosph 5c

Use & Dosage

Add 1 scoop (25ml) to feed once a day

Quality & Gurantee

Forest Farmacy use absolutely no toxic ingredients or chemicals in any of their products. All their natural ingredients are farmed completely organically and hand picked from around the world – to ensure the safest and highest quality products are created.

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