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Organic Thuja Tincture Spray

Soothe lumps, bumps and  warts naturally

Apply Organic Thuja Tincture topically



safe to use on sensitive areas

Does not burn

Safe for sensitive skin

Easy to apply

Description & Benefits

If you are looking for a topical application for your horse's lumps, bumps warts, Thuja tincture Is excellent.

It's one of our Best selling producst used for its drying and anti wart properties, not harmful, does not burn. Helps to dry and shrink.

Apply topically to lumps, bumps, for its soothing and drying properties. Spray or dab Tincture directly onto the area

For best results apply Thuja cream one day and spray Thuja tincture the next PLUS feed one scoop daily of All Natural Sar-X herbal concentrate


Organic thuja occidentalis folla

Cold macerated tincture 1:10 60%

Use & Dosage

Spray or dab directly onto affected areas

For best results alternate with thuja cream every other day

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