• Give joints some mussel power

    Give joints some mussel power

    Hard ground, intense exercise and general wear and tear can lead to stress and strain on your horse’s joints, and with the pressure placed on them in our modern lifestyle keeping a horse sound and supple is as hard as ever. Now there is a totally natural and organic method of supporting the vital internal structures using 100% herbal goodness and ingredients that pack a punch.


    All new Joint Power is part of the popular range of Organic Horse Power Powders created by natural experts Forest Farmacy. The carefully formulated herbal concentrate has been reformulated to support the growing strain placed on your horse’s body and overall helps increase movement and mobility.


    Ingredients including Green Lipped Mussel, Glucosamine, Apium Seeds and Rose Hips combine together to help reduce pain and inflammation, ease muscular aches and stiffness, support the lymphatic system, cleanse damaging toxins from an injury site, promote circulation, ensure optimum joint health and develop stronger, more supportive tendons and ligaments around joints. Over time these benefits will reduce the chance of soft tissue injury, improve stamina, promote peak performance and help horses recover safely.  


    The active ingredients in Joint Power offer a multitude of beneficial properties. Green Lipped Mussel contains natural fatty acids and Chondroitin Sulphate, an essential ingredient to help joints remain loose and flexible. Glucosamine is a vital ingredient in the production, maintenance and repair of cartilage as well as helping to form ligaments and tendons. Apium Seed helps to break down crystal deposits around joints, encourage soft cartilage to protect the joints as well as acting as a natural anti-inflammatory to remove excess fluid from the body.

    Not just for horses already suffering from stiffness, muscle and tendon problems, ligament damage or those recovering from an injury, all new Joint Power can help protect against future inevitable conditions such as arthritis, spavins and general loss of performance.

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