• Organic Horse follows their Gut instinct...

    Organic Horse follows their Gut instinct...

    Changes in routine, forage and grazing differences and increased stable time can all add stress and strain to a horse’s digestive system.  During the winter months when nutrients are scarce it is vital our horses absorb all of the valuable vitamins and minerals they require from their feed – however when faced with digestive upset the body is less able to utilise these valuable ingredients. Feeding a product to help maintain gut health can ensure optimum absorption from hard feed.


    Gut Power is part of a comprehensive range of supplements produced by organic experts Forest Farmacy. Organic Horse Gut Power provides horses and ponies with a unique, top quality supplement to assist in daily gastric health.


    Gut Power is a concentrated herbal formula designed to provide relief from digestive upset. Containing Psyllium Husk, Flax, Coconut Whey, Slippery Elm, Grape Sugars and natural probiotics – Gut Power is designed to be fed on a daily basis and helps horses who scour, have ulcers, experience digestive problems, are prone to colic or simply those that are poor do’ers. It also helps to stimulate appetite in fussy eaters and prevent future complications.


    All ingredients are carefully selected and will vary from season to season to mimic the natural sourcing pattern that would occur in the wild, it also helps prevent any immunity to the products. Psyllium Husk, when ingested, forms a soothing gel within the digestive system helping to transport the food gently, as well as helping to remove unwanted bacteria and intestinal plaque. Slippery Elm is effective in preventing scouring, colitis and ulceration as well as soothing the digestive tract and helping to regulate bacteria.

    Event rider Tilly Tillbrook has used Gut Power with fantastic results on her event horse Boysie. “He was finally diagnosed in October 2008 with grade 4 Gastric Ulcers – the worst grade you can get - and not just that, but he had two kinds, splash ulcers and glandular ulcers. With all the hard work he does eventing, Gut Power is really essential to maintaining his digestive health and keeping those ulcers at bay. He’s feeling very well, and there have been no recurrence of any gut problems, so feeding Gut Power gives me peace of mind that I am doing all I can to support his system.”

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